Western Cape

General Information

  • Main Cities: Cape Town (capital), Stellenbosch, George, Saldanha Bay
  • Harbours: Cape Town, Saldanha Bay
  • Airports: Cape Town International
  • Economy: Fishing, Tourism, Wine, Fruit, Financial, Commerce, Textiles

Estimated Statistics
  • Area: 129 370 km2 (10.6%)
  • Population: 4 200 000 (9.7%)
  • GGP 1999: R62bn

The Western Cape houses the headquarters of the main retail and insurance companies in South Africa. The main industries are Textiles, Food, Finance, Wine and Tourism. Wheat Farming, Fishing and Sheep play an important role in the economy of this province.

Cape Town is the second busiest port in the country. This province has the best skilled workforce in the country because about 95% of the population here is urbanised.

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