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TUESDAY 28 March 2017


02 - 06 - 07 - 22 - 27
Powerball: 03

5 + Powerball 1 R4,665,459
5 Numbers 3 R278,104
4 + Powerball 62 R6,804
4 Numbers 1,147 R698
3 + Powerball 2,024 R379
3 Numbers 38,341 R17
2 + Powerball 23,158 R18
1 + Powerball 97,632 R15
Powerball 131,953 R10

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04 - 05 - 21 - 22 - 29
Powerball: 16

5 + Powerball 0 R0
5 Numbers 1 R400,225
4 + Powerball 17 R11,904
4 Numbers 669 R574
3 + Powerball 1,413 R260
3 Numbers 27,705 R11
2 + Powerball 18,077 R11
1 + Powerball 82,371 R7
Powerball 116,220 R5

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