Important Brief Hosting Terms of Service

(more detailed terms upon request)

Like other hosting packages in the marketplace, the upload of music and movies to a domain using our hosting services is not permitted because it slows down servers considerably. If you want to upload music and/or movies you may need to acquire your own server. We are not aware of an hosting company allowing it.

It is acknowledged by users of hosting services that the resource allotments are optimized and dedicated towards serving web documents and self-need E-mail/FTP services and is not to be used as off-site storage area for electronic files, or as a provisioning service for third party e-mail or FTP hosts. All downloadable files or files stored on the server must be available for download via a HTML document stored on the Internet in a publicly or privately accessible area, and must be directly related to the general nature of the website index. Illegal content such as pirated software, music or other media are strictly prohibited and are not allowed.

No illegal or offensive material is allowed.

Spamming is NOT permitted.

Certain scripts such as IRC, Proxy, SSH, Telnet, or any other script which may overwhelm server resources due to the inherent nature of the script itself or by defect in the coding of the script are prohibited.

Please note that we no longer allow websites developed using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. because of their vulnerability to hackers. We had a lot of server issues in the past because hackers are constantly attempting to hack these sites. Some scripts that are available already contain phishing, etc..