Kwa-Zulu Natal

General Information

  • Main Cities: Pietermaritzburg (capital), Durban, Ulundi, Richards Bay, Newcastle
  • Harbours: Durban, Richards Bay
  • Airports: Durban
  • Economy: Paper, Textiles, Steel, Sugar, Forestry

Estimated Statistics
  • Area: 92, 100 km2 (7.6%)
  • Population: 8 930 000 (20.7%)
  • GGP 1999: R65bn

Durban is the busiest port in South Africa and Kwazulu-Natal is the second largest contributor to South Africa's GDP. It is often called the "Garden Province" and contains a large geographical diversity. Sub-tropical coast line, magnificent mountain range (Drakensberg) and savannah.

Tourism is a key source of income for the province. It offers dozens of beaches, great golf courses, hicking, climbing, nature reserves, etc. Agriculture (mainly sugar) and manufacturing also play an important role.

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