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Free State

General Information

  • Main Cities: Bloemfontein (capital), Welkom
  • Airports: Bloemfontein
  • Economy: Petrochemicals, Agriculture, Mining

Estimated Statistics
  • Area: 129 480 km2 (10.6%)
  • Population: 2 715 000 (6.5%)
  • GGP 1999: R28bn

The Free State is an important mining province in the middle of South Africa (bordering 6 of the 9 provinces), is rich in natural resources, good labour supply and access to two of the main rivers (the Vaal River and the Orange River).

Its capital, Bloemfontein, is South Africa's judiciary capital. Synthetic fuel (from coal) is produced in Sasolburg. This province is a major agriculture centre producing a large variety of crops including potato, maize, sunflower seed, wheat and sorghum. Dairy and sheep farming contribute largely to its economy.

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