Eastern Cape

General Information

  • Main Cities: Bisho (capital), Port Elizabeth, East London
  • Harbours: Port Elizabeth, East London
  • Airports: Port Elizabeth, East London, Umtata
  • Economy: Automotive Industry, Textiles, Food Processing

Estimated Statistics
  • Area: 168 580 km2 (13.9%)
  • Population: 6 660 000 (15.5%)
  • GGP 1999: R58bn

The main cities of Port Elizabeth and East London are the home of motor manufacturers and other large companies. Here you will find Volkswagen, Ford, General Motors, Daimler Chrysler, GoodYear, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson and others.

The Eastern Cape is also the main centre for livestock such as Sheep, Angora Goats and Cattle. A stable harbour and low taxation, rentals and electricity make this province an attractive place to set up your industry.

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